-Mom Groups-

Suddenly you’re a mother. A world opens up for you. A world you might not know (knew) much about before you gave birth. As a mother you have literally become a new person. Everything in your life has changed with the arrival of your baby. That is beautiful and intense at the same time. It can be searching like a needle in a haystack for getting the correct information and suddenly you ask yourself: “How do other mothers do this? Precisely for this reason I organise mom groups

What makes a mom group so nice to have?

Maybe you still have to become a mother or you are already one. When you have become a mother and you slowly come out of the rush after your first maternity week, many mothers notice that they are suddenly confronted with the question ‘And what now?

You’re at home with your beautiful baby and suddenly a world opens up for you through which you, for the most part yourself, have to navigate. In order to get answers to questions, you receive many different (contradictory) advice and many mothers dive into the books themselves and look for information in the pits of the internet. And how do you know if the information you read is correct? There is nothing wrong with searching for information yourself, but it takes a lot of time and energy, even though you are already so busy with a newborn baby.

How nice it is to have a place where you can ask questions every week and where you can find a group of like-minded women where you can find recognition.

I’m here to answer ALL your questions and every week I’ll give you the information that you as a mother REALLLY need. Topics like: exercise & sports, physical recovery, breast & bottle feeding info, changes in your brain, hormones, baby development, all about rhythms and sleep, selfcare and communication in your relationship to name a few examples. It can prevent so many complaints and frustrations if you get the right information in time.

The information you receive is reliable and I teach you how to (even more) trust your own intuition. I am not in favour of one particular method to tackle something. Every baby and mother are different. So how do you do that? Choosing your own path with all that advice and information. That and much more I teach you during the course, together with other mothers.

I will start in January 2021. Online, from the comfort of your own home. So you don’t have to go out on the street with your newborn baby and stress out how to do this with feeding and sleeping. And….during every meeting you can ask all the questions you have. A fixed time during the week, during a hectic period, to reflect on everything you are going through right now and get the right information.

Register now!!!. Full=full.

What do you get?


  • A realistic view of motherhood, by exchanging experiences with mothers who are in the same phase as you
  • A network of other mothers
  • Reliable information about the postpartum period
  • Me as a source of information
  • More self-confidence and trust in your own intuition.

Who, what, where?

The ideal time to start is when you would like more information about the postpartum period

Every week you come together with other mothers and me for 1,5 to 2 hours, a total of 6 times

For the entire course you pay € 199 (tax included) Partner is included.

Choose your setting

Because of the Covid-19 situation the Mom groups will be online. 


Offline mom group

Because of the Covid-19 situation, the mom groups are currently only given online.

If online groups indicate that they need an offline meeting, we can discuss this within the group. It will depend on the number of mothers per group and the circumstances whether this is an option.

Online mom group

The online groups consist of a maximum of 8 people (with or without a partner).

Via Zoom you will receive an invitation and you can participate directly from your own home. You only need a computer / tablet and a good internet connection.