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Besides being a midwife and postpartum specialist, I am the mother of 2 little boys, Finn and Tom! I would like to tell you a little more about myself and how I became De Postpartumkundige.

I enjoyed working full-time as a midwife since 2007. My work consisted of counseling (and giving information about) pregnancy, delivery and childbirth.

After about 8 years, I felt it was time to look for new challenges besides my work as a midwife. I followed a Master of Education at the VU and then taught Midwifery students for 2 years. This was a lot of fun to do, but I missed the social contribution I could give as a midwife and the contact with the mothers.

In 2016 I became a mother myself. After a pregnancy full of complications (I got preeclampsia, also called pre-eclampsia), I gave birth 5 weeks early by emergency Caesarean section. Not quite what I had in mind, but sometimes life is different. I am quite down-to-earth and practical by nature, so I was happy for a long time that I was allowed to go home with my baby after 2 weeks to resume “normal” life. And that was a lot more difficult than I had expected.

I struggled with a lot of after-effects from the pre-eclampsia and actually didn’t like life in my new role. I missed contact with other mothers and a person I could spar with when I ran into things. Suddenly I realized how great the contrast was in the guidance that you receive while pregnant versus as a mother. During pregnancy, everything is aimed at properly informing women about this important period and many courses are given about childbirth. Strangely enough, very little about the period after that. When your baby is born, your life as a mother really starts.

Fortunately, in addition to the necessary medical knowledge, I had learned a lot from the maternity wives and maternity nurses I had supervised during my work. During my recovery I benefited from this, although my recovery took almost 2 years.

I knew… this can be done differently. That is why I started to delve into this period and more and more often through my network I got fathers and mothers who contacted me when they encountered problems.

Time and again they said that they would have liked to have some guidance during this period and wondered why so little is said about this period during pregnancy. Why are no groups organized where you can go with questions after giving birth? And where you can meet other mothers. And so the plan arose to specialize myself in this period and close this “gap” in the market.

In 2019 I became a mother again. This pregnancy and delivery was also not without complications, but this time I was well prepared. This has made an immense difference. Because I was well prepared this time, I was able to enjoy this maternity period much more. With much more peace and love for myself and my family, which has had a huge positive impact on my postpartum period and the entire first year. I thought the difference was so great that this was the final push to really change course and found “De Postpartumkundige”!

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