I like to work with mentioned partners for services that compliment my work.

Mom & Co

Good preparation for childbirth is essential. When women are good prepared for labor they are more confidend and think more positively about their labor.
This is a considerable gain when you consider that only a quarter of women look back negatively on giving birth.

From January 2021, in addition to my work as a postpartum specialist, I will be teaching a class every week at Mom&Co. Mom&Co was founded by Aline Kiers, herself also a midwife, and she has developed a wonderful course to enter childbirth well-prepared and with a positive mindset. Giving the right reliable information together with exercises you can use during childbirth makes women give birth better and therefore look back on it better.

Aline also wants to offer prospective parents a programme for after giving birth. Because that’s where my passion lies and because we both share the same vision about good information combined with personal development, we decided to work together.