-Get Prepared Course-

You can already prepare yourself for the postpartum period while you’re pregnant. In this (online) course I’ll give you information and tips, so that you can enjoy your baby the best way possible in those first weeks.

What can you expect from the course?

Good preparation is half the job. I have been able to guide many newborn mothers in my work as a midwife and very often I was asked: “Why is so little information about the postpartum period given during pregnancy?”.

This is partly because the focus is often on pregnancy and delivery. When the baby is born and the maternity caretaker leaves after a week, many parents notice that they actually know little about this period. Especially in a period when you are sleep deprived, your body functions differently and you have little time for yourself. Caring for a newborn baby is a full-time job, so it is wise to prepare yourself well for this period.

During my second pregnancy, I paid specific attention to the preparation for my postpartum period. This preparation made a world of difference to me and my family. I had more peace of mind, housekeeping ran smoothly and my partner and I both had more time to get used to having a second baby in the house. I grant this to every prospective parent and that is why I have bundled my knowledge in a course. The course is not only in the interest of the mother but also underlines the important role of the partner during the postpartum period.


What will you learn?

We make a maternity plan where I help you with questions to think carefully about how you would like to see the first 6 weeks. I will give you information about nutrition, household, visits and time for yourself so that you can get to know your baby with more peace of mind and self-confidence.

You also get a realistic picture of a normal maternity period with the beautiful moments but also when it is less rosy. I will give you examples of what a day looks like during the maternity period with useful information and techniques that really benefit you.

Other topics that I discuss during this course include sleep rhythms, breastfeeding, important information about recovery from childbirth and mental health. Because in addition to getting used to your baby and your new role, lack of sleep often has a big impact on yourself but also on the communication with your partner. How to maintain an open communication with your partner is vital to support each other so i also give some tools how to achieve that. 

I am convinced that realistic expectations and a positive mindset contribute to a positive maternity period.

So if you want to prepare well for your maternity period during your pregnancy, register now!

What do you get?

  • Useful tips for the first weeks after giving birth
  • Maternity plan tailored to your wishes
  • A realistic picture of the first weeks after giving birth
  • The confidence that you know what is coming your way after your delivery and how to deal with it

Who, what, where?

Expectant mothers and partners who want to be well prepared for the maternity period

Online, from your own home

The course costs a total of € 49 (tax included)

Register here

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